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Pharma Packaging Solutions

Provial pharma packaging is the one-stop partner that offers solutions designed to accelerate the competitiveness of the pharmaceutical primary packaging industry.

International competitiveness, combined with the challenges posed by changing regulations, inspire Provial to make fast improvements in order to maintain the effectiveness of its processes, obtaining as a result, raising the performance of the packaging supply chain.



Provial was established over 10 years ago, with a clear focus on packaging solutions.

With our dedicated team, we have developed experience in many different markets such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care and sports nutrition.

Over the years and thanks to its market positioning, Provial has established a long-term and stable parentship with the biggest pharmaceutical enterprise in China.

We have exceptional experience in creating primary packaging that integrates the full spectrum of safety specifications and international standards to achieve high quality packaging design.

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Pharmaceutical packaging is manufactured using a wide range
of materials, but the most commonly used are glass and plastics.

Diferent solutions tailored to the users' needs

Customization based on your needs

Depending on your requirements, there may be several ways to achieve
the desired look and specifications of your custom product. We’ll provide
you with all of the design and production options that meet your needs,
so that you can decide the best direction for your packaging.


Everything under one roof

We bring products to life!

Creating a great product design is not enough. Your design also needs to be engineered for mass production, and that’s where we come in.

At Provial, we develop, validate and refine designs to deliver innovative and iconic solutions. Our mission is to bring our customer’s product design ideas into life.

See your ideas materialized

Before jumping into mass production its crucial to prototype your product, and validate your design in terms of form and functionality.

This is hugely beneficial, as a physical model gives you the freedom to fine-tune the product until absolute perfection is achieved.

Ensuring quality.

Develop your packaging idea in Asia without losing control over your quality and intellectual property. Our international manufacturing services offer scalable solutions to meet your volume needs.

We use our expertise and experience to ensure the highest level of quality across all of our operations. Our in-house qualified staff, test and check the entire production process before leaving our manufacturing facilities.

Comprehensive logistics service

Minimize your stress, and get your products to their final destination safely, and on time, with our best-in-class freight forwarder services.

Among other regulatory bodies, our team is on hand to support you in getting your product as efficiently and safely as possible. Through collaboration with our logistics service partners we offer a fully GDP compliant solution to meet our customers’ requirements.

Why us?

We believe in building long term artnerships and that processes shouldn’t come with the same price tag, that is why instead of charging you with fixed fees, we tailor our design, innovation and development services to be as cost-effective as possible to suit your requirements.

Our Expertise

We help to deliver creative formulations, packaging designs and safety testing that provide exceptional results. Provial has extensive knowledge and expertise in developing innovative health and wellbeing packaging, drawing on over 10 years’ experience and a highly trained team. We offer end-to-end solutions to support your business in the development of compliant packaging in markets such as:

Collaborate to deliver quality products

We take pride in collaborating with the best industry experts to provide a seamless service to your business, and manage 3rd party resources such as contract manufacturers, regulatory consultants, toxicologists, shelf life and microbiological assessment specialist labs, creation of Product Information Files (PIF), claims substantiation, customer technical specifications, child proof packaging, scale up trials and 1st production run audits.

Smart, safe and effective products

Our Packaging solutions are designed to help reduce packaging costs through appropriate material selection, optimal design using the latest CAD technology, exploring latest packaging technologies, and our passion for reducing waste and environmental impact.

Whatever the nature of your new healthcare or pharma product is, we have the skills, facilities and supply chain knowledge required to take it to market speedily and effectively.

From medicine and antiseptic to vitamins and CBD, we’re here to design, innovate and develop the ultimate packaging solution that does justice to it.

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